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Logistics Supervisor (Metro Manila)



People & HR, Operations
Luzon, Cabatuan, Isabela, Philippines
Posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Ninja Van is a tech-enabled logistics company on a mission to provide hassle-free delivery services for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia. Launched in 2014, we started operations in Singapore and have become the region's largest and fastest growing last-mile logistics company, partnering with over 35,000 merchants and delivering more than 1,000 parcels every minute across six countries. In January 2018, we raised one of the largest Series C rounds ever in Southeast Asia and are well-positioned for our next phase of rapid growth.
At our core, we are a technology company that is disrupting a massive industry with cutting-edge software and operational concepts. Powered by algorithm-based optimisation, dynamic routing, end-to-end tracking and a data-driven approach, we provide best-of-class delivery services that delight both the shippers and end customers. But we are just getting started! We have much room for improvement and many ideas that will further shape the industry.
Job Description
The Middle Mile Dispatch Operations Manager is responsible for all middle-mile operations conducted in their assigned warehouse. The goal of the Middle Mile Dispatch Operations Manager is to efficiently push out all shipments headed to different parts of the network from their assigned warehouse. It is their duty to ensure that all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and company policies are followed within the warehouse. They will also be in charge of planning of manpower and schedules, truck requirements, routes and haul plans, and more.
The Middle Mile Dispatch Operations Manager shall handle a team of Linehaul Ops Coordinators (stationed in each consolidation facility), Assistant Linehaul Ops Coordinators, drivers, driver-aides, movers, and loaders.
The Middle Mile Dispatch Operations Manager’s quantitative KPIs are categorized into the following areas:
- SLA / Trip Adherence (Forward Primary and Secondary Hauls)
- Staging to Dispatch time
- Loss Rates
- Scanning Compliance
- Process Adherence (5S Audits, etc.)
On top of this, Middle Mile Dispatch Operations Managers are also assessed based on their managerial skills, given that this is a managerial role.
Middle Mile Dispatch Operations Managers will be based in their assigned warehouse (either WH-Valenzuela, WH-Taguig / WH-Paranaque, or WH-CBY)
Main Duties
A. SLA Adherence
> Maintain delivery standards in terms of SLA Adherence. SLA requirements per location vary, depending on the distance from the consolidation facility.
> This is valid for both Forward Primary Haul (hauls to consolidation facilities) as well as Forward Secondary Haul (direct hauls to last-mile hubs)
B. Staging to Dispatch time
> Ensure that shipments are not staged within the staging area for more than 8 hours
C. Loss Rates
> Ensure their portion of operations is not liable for an alarming amount of loss
> Target is < 0.01% of parcels handled
> Implement loss-reduction initiatives
D. Scanning Compliance
> Ensure shipments in their areas have the proper scans and order of scans
> Implement any disciplinary measures for non-compliance
E. Process Adherence
> Ensure their teams are able to adhere to NVPH SOP’s
> Conduct regular audits and surprise visits to check on the current state of our facilities and people
F. Operational Planning
> Come up with manpower plans, schedules, haul plans, and such
G. General Management
> Manage his/her team effectively
> Train his/her direct reports to be effective and independent
A. Technical and Soft Skills
> 3-5+ years experience in warehousing and logistics
> Strong people management skills, specifically for blue-collar workers
> Strict and able to ensure policy and SOP compliance
> Can read and understand data
> Comfortable working in a warehouse setting
B. Personality
> Likes training people
> Detailed in terms of work
> Strict
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