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Front-end Engineer (Vue SPA / Tailwind CSS)



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, July 5, 2024

At LaunchBrightly, we are on a mission to automate a process that continually captures and enhances screenshots of all your SaaS product features. The continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline and process that engineers adopted over the last decade, is what we ultimately want to build for customer support teams. TLDR; LaunchBrightly = CircleCI for customer support. And we are currently looking to bring onboard a strong Front-End Engineer (Vue SPA / Tailwind).

Everyone at LaunchBrightly is a creator, an owner, or perhaps better, a celebration of the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. Most big companies are afraid of entrusting the future of the company and their software to a few makers, and as they defend against that, they end up with three layers of managers and a product designed by a committee. We want the opposite. We need the opposite as we enter virgin territory trying to build that CI/CD pipeline and process for the support organization. As our customer pushes a new feature to production, we automatically update all product images within the help center. This is a thrilling adventure!

Our work is remote, not distant. We believe that being a remote-first organization allows us to build an exceptional team composed of makers and sellers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets from around the globe. Our default work culture is asynchronous and emphasizes written communication to prioritize maker time, focus and company productivity. Our goal is not to eliminate face-to-face interaction, but we should default to a setting where written documentation is so strong that a meeting on most project subject matters would seem odd.

Founded in 2022, and backed by prominent venture firms including IA Ventures, Tuesday Capital, and B Capital Group, this is a unique opportunity to join this band of misfits on the ground floor. As an early teammate you will be working intimately with the founding team, who has done 0 to 1 five times over while seeing four of them come to an exit.

The Front-End Engineer will become an integral member of an intimate 6-person team consisting of:

  • Maker #4 (Frontend Engineer, You!)
  • Maker #3 (Jose, Frontend/Extensions Engineer)
  • Maker #2 (Hyder, Backend Engineer)
  • Maker #1 (Dennis, Founder)
  • Seller #1 (Josh, Co-founder)
  • Helper #1 (Vibeke)

However, we are looking not just for an Engineer but, rather, a teammate we see as integral to LaunchBrightly’s long-term journey and vital to our success. Someone who is comfortable in the dark and who sees a certain romance, like we do, in embracing the unknowns that come with being on the startup journey. We have a track record of seeing those colleagues who join us on the ground floor of our ventures ride the startup journey to completion (exit) with us, as we grow and become successful together. This is something we take seriously, and something we are extremely proud of!

Job Description

You will actively help take the current MVP to a V1 so tech savvy, but non-technical knowledge managers and technical writers have a product experience they will love to use. You and Jose are the initial and primary customers of our internal Screenshotting and Styling API, and your feedback is crucial to help elevate it in the mission of making our App better.

You will help extend the initial MVP feature set and expand along the following tracks (not exhaustive and mostly illustrative):

  • Build new interesting onboarding flows, so that we make an elaborate process as easy to digest as possible
  • Build interfaces to provide a smooth setup path to embed our live screenshots on customer destinations
  • Build an easy-to-use (and near fail-proof) Syncing flow for the help center platforms we integrate with
  • Build and help imagine Sync Notifications emails and Dashboards, which are the precursors to actual live Sync
  • Build Sync action pages and associated Analytics Dashboards
  • Help expand our Cloud Browser which makes it as easy as possible for our customers to identify an element inside their web app and tag it for automated screenshotting

A large part of our success hinges on us being able to adopt many of the technical CI/CD wonders from engineering and leveraging them via non-technical user interfaces. So your job is also one of the artful craft in tuning a form, button, dropdown, sort, filter and label, to the degree one would not need to on other B2B applications - and we are not shy to apply a fair amount of B2C glitter to achieve this.

Once an image is extracted, cleaned, enhanced and styled it is uploaded to our CDN and our customer can use it manually from here. We’ll also offer native integrations that allow them to sync images automatically. However, we assume there is a real need to allow access to the live images in different environments; a plugin/extension for e.g. Zendesk, to see Support folks easily reply to a ticket with a linked image, is a likely path of ours.

We are looking for previous experience working with

  • Building production-level B2B Web Apps (using Jest/Vitest for unit testing)
  • Vue 3 SPA (JS/TypeScript)
  • Tailwind CSS (HeadlessUI)
  • Plain vanilla CSS for the more sexy UI Elements we might implement.
  • Applying a UI/UX focus to your development including UX research
  • Consuming and commenting on internal APIs
  • DynamoDB, GraphQL
  • Analytics/Event tagging for research

What you bring to the table

  • Minimum 3 years of industry experience in front-end development
  • A developer who derives satisfaction from producing a genuinely useful product that improves the lives of others
  • A customer-first mentality, with an instinct to imagine how users will react and interact
  • Strong and precise communication and documentation skills, with a will to understand and be understood
  • Prides themselves on writing highly readable, thoroughly tested code
  • The personal organization skills and patience to manage multiple contexts as projects and features come together. A good dev can do things like: juggle tickets and Git branches, keep zero inbox, write notes for themselves to keep their small tasks straight, whip up shell scripts/test data to automate repetitive tasks
  • A passion for being part of the startup journey and taking ownership of the company’s success
  • A willingness to take initiative and enthusiasm to make an impact and take action
  • Thrives in a highly collaborative environment and enthusiasm for being a team player

Bonus points

  • We use Tailwind UI, but having implemented prior Design Systems and generally having a superior eye for design is a big plus.
  • Built Apps on the AWS Amplify (Serverless Design) framework, which is the primary backdrop for our App.

What we offer

  • Flexible working hours and locations. Your success is measured on outcomes.
  • Excellent start-up culture with openness and inclusiveness
  • True ownership and autonomy over your role and the impact on the company
  • Prioritization of focus time and productivity
  • Your choice of technical setup and equipment
  • Experienced founders with many years of successfully building product across multiple ventures
  • Annual meetup as a team in New York City. *We have our first NYC off-site from October 23-27, 2023 and would love for you to join us!