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Data Modeler



Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Posted on Friday, July 5, 2024

Your Role

The technology that once promised to simplify patient care has brought more issues than anyone ever anticipated. At Innovaccer, we defeat this beast by making full use of all the data Healthcare has worked so hard to collect, and replacing long-standing problems with ideal solutions. Data is our bread and butter for innovation. We are looking for a Senior Data Analyst for the BI sub-team within the analytics team who can help us build the next generation of dashboards, reports, and other analytics for our customers in the provider/payer market.

A Day in the Life

  • Creating Physical models and dB objects for New & expanding existing Subject areas related to health care.
  • Working with various cross functional and technical teams .
  • You will be dealing with extremely unique Innovaccer Proprietary Data Structures.
  • You will face various challenges as you adapt data models and ensure engagement with the evolving data landscape. However you will have an amazing team to help and back you up.
  • You will work very closely with development and SRE teams to ensure effective implementation and physicalization is occurring.
  • You will be Constantly be working on the Schema Migration process to ensure timely delivery.

What You Need

Functional :

  • Ability to create Conceptual , Logical and Physical data models for New Subject areas related to health care
  • Propose versatile solutions with the ability to understand and extend current Models with minimal supervision
  • Solid Understanding and working knowledge of Healthcare Informatics specifically with HL7 FHIR (all levels)
  • Previous Experience in translating various healthcare data and IG into Entity Relationship models
  • Ability to solve unstructured big data problems and help team/s with peer review and triage processes
  • Adhere and also recommend when needed to data governance and CI/CD best practices.
  • Solid communication skills and analytical skills to communicate with product and project teams

Technical Skill Sets :

  • Strong Database knowledge and work experience in dealing with multi terabyte and high concurrent work loads
  • 2+ years of experience related to MPP and/or Columnar database platforms like Redshift , Azure , Snowflake etc
  • 4 years of experience with traditional OLTP database platforms like Postgres ,MS SQL server etc
  • Strong theoretical knowledge and practical exposure in creating and troubleshooting various database objects / techniques including but not limited to:
    • Define better indexing strategies
    • Create optimal database triggers
    • Work with stakeholders to come up with innovative UDF’s
    • Stored Procedures ,data partitioning
    • Strong Distribution , clustering key concepts related to MPP platforms etc...
    • Brainstorm Query profiling, break down query plans etc
    • Come up with optimal storage patterns and designs for LOB data structures
  • Previous experience in dealing with migration of high volume databases from traditional database platforms to modern columnar (MPP) platforms
  • Exposure in working with multi tenant platforms
  • Extensive experience in working with and advising data engineering teams related to high volume data ingestion and transformation pipelines

Preferred Skills

  • US Healthcare

What We Offer

  • Industry-Focused Certifications: Meet leading healthcare experts, discuss innovative strategies, and become a subject matter expert with our comprehensive set of certifications
  • Rewards and Recognition: Feeling like you’re outperforming on your projects? Get recognition for your dedicated efforts and demonstrated work ethic
  • Health Insurance and Mental Well-being: We offer health benefits and insurance to you and your family for hospital-related expenses pertaining to any illness, disease, or injury. We also have Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to give you 24X7 access to certified therapists and psychologists
  • Sabbatical Leave Policy: Do you want to focus on skill development, pursue an academic career, or just reset? We’ve got you covered
  • Open Floor Plan: Cubicles are a thing of the past and to modernize our office space, we have open floor sittings at every office location. Share ideas with your peers and bond better in an open floor office where there are no barriers and you are inspired to be creative
  • Paternity and Maternity Leave: Enjoy the industry’s best parental leave policy to welcome your bundle of joy and enjoy quality time with them
  • Paid Time Off: Maintain a healthy work–life balance and take time off from work to focus on your well-being and big life moments